Mighty Plus Vaporizer Review 2022

Mighty Plus Vape Review

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The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has everything we loved about the original Mighty, but also adds more value, so our all-time favorite vaporizer just got even better. The vapor is the same high-quality that we are used to from it’s predecessor, but now it also heats up quicker, charges faster, and the device can stand up.

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So What Got Upgraded On Mighty+?

The mighty killer we’ve longed for has now finally arrived, and it was not any of the other vaporizer brands out there who did it, Storz & Bickel had to step up and outperform themselves to get the job done.

1. Better Battery Life

The Mighty Plus vape has an impressively long battery life, especially when compared to its competitors. It uses the same internal 18650 rechargeable batteries as the original Mighty Vaporizer, but in response to consumer demand, Storz & Bickel added an option for removable batteries on the Mighty Plus.

2. Quicker Charging

On the Mighty Plus Vape, Storz & Bickel reduced the charging time from 2 hours to 1 hour for a full recharge from 0-100%. The new Mighty Plus also comes with a USB-C port, which enables you to charge your device using any USB charger.

3. UL Certified

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Easy To Use

Like its predecessor, the Mighty+ is simple enough for anyone to use right away. The mouthpiece and cooling unit intuitively swivel open. To get started, fill the herb chamber with fresh herbs such as lavender, sage, lemon balm, turn the lid/mouthpiece back, and hit the power button. Then you are good to go and don’t need to do anything else but sit back, relax and enjoy.

Highly Efficient

The Mighty+ uses Storz & Bickels’ patented hybrid heating system, which seems to strike the perfect balance between efficiency and convenience. Basically, the Mighty+ uses conduction heating for the bowl and convection heating below to create the hot air stream. The herbs are kept at a lower temperature before and after hits, and only vaporize during a hit.

The Mighty Plus Vaporizer FAQ

Q: How to use the Mighty Plus Vaporizer?

A: You’ll first need to remove the Mighty Plus’s cooling unit from the base, so you can access the inside of the oven itself. If you’d prefer not to use the provided capsules, then just load the bowl yourself. Put the cooling unit back onto the device again with the mouthpiece pointed towards whatever direction feels best for you. I like mine facing left, so I can easily watch the display when I use it. Once you’ve selected the desired temperature setting, use the Mighty+’s auto mode feature by pressing its power button, waiting for it to vibrate, and then it’s ready to use.

Q: What can I vape with the Mighty Plus Vaporizer?

A: With the Mighty Plus Vaporizer you can vape both dry herb and wax/shatter.

Q: Which temperature is the best for Mighty Plus?

A: The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has precise temperature control. It lets you adjust the temperature anywhere from 40°C (104°F) up to 210°C (410°F). For most people who enjoy vaping, temperatures ranging from 40-120°C (104-212°F) are ideal. We know that some experienced users tend to heat their herb until it almost reaches combustion temperatures to get the maximum effects. But be careful when using high heat; overheating may cause flavors to become impaired.

Q: What comes with a Mighty Plus Vaporizer?

A: It comes with two batteries (one for each side), one charger, cleaning brush, mouthpiece. You get the following:

1 x MIGHTY+ (Plus)

1 x USB-C Cable (USB type C to USB type A plug)

3 x Normal Screen, small 3 x Coarse Screen, small)

3 x. Base Seal Ring, small 2 x Drip Pad, small

1 x Dosing Capsule 1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Instructions for Use

Q: How much does the Mighty Plus vaporizer cost?

A: In the vape world, many consider it to be an elitist product only used by true connoisseurs. It might be true, and it will set you back $398, but it will get you to get the best results available on the market.

Q: Is Mighty Plus vaporizer worth it?

A: Mighty + (plus) vape pen pays for itself over time because you need less herb with it. It allows you to vape both herbs and liquids. The vapor released from the Mighty Plus Vaporizer contains evenly heated particles that have a. great aroma associated with it. The Mighty+ is a top-of-the-line herb and extracts the delivery system and is a completely safe option for people who want to stop combustion.

Q: Who is the Mighty+ Vaporizer for?

A: For serious vapers that’s looking for the best portable vaporizer and don’t mind spending some extra cash to get it, the Mighty Plus Vape is definitely worth checking out. Should I get the Crafty Plus or Mighty Plus?

Q: Should I get the Crafty Plus or Mighty Plus?

A: Mighty+ is the upgraded version of the original Mighty vaporizer. Many problems have been fixed in Mighty Plus. Crafty Plus has also been improved. But, we will make it simple for you. If you compare the features and quality between the two products, Mighty+ has better ones than Crafty+. With an incredible design, exceptional performance, and impressive vapor production, you’ll be hard-pressed not to go for the Mighty Plus Vaporizer. So, my advice is to certainly get Mighty+.

Q: Mighty Plus heat up time?

A: The MIGHTY+ uses a patented convection and conduction heating that heats up your herb/wax evenly and efficiently, without stirring. Additionally, the MIGHTY PLUS comes with a new and optimized heater, so the device heats up in approximately 60 seconds.

Mighty Plus – Pros & Cons

✔️ Excellent vapor qualityⅩ Large and a bit and heavy
✔️ Durable, dual batteryⅩ Not the most discreet design
✔️ USB-C chargingⅩ Requires regular cleaning
✔️ Extremely efficient extraction
✔️ Unobstructed airflow
✔️ Faster heating

Final Take On The Mighty Plus Vaporizer

We’ve been waiting for the Mighty+ for quite some time now. It just doesn’t seem like it could’ve gone wrong by choosing the flat bottom like for their Crafty+ Vaporizer. Other than that, I’m really impressed by the improvments Storz and Bickel made to the new Mighty Plus. Ceramic ovens tend to be easier to clean than their counterparts made out of metal. They don’t rust either, so they’re less likely to stain. It heats up much quicker, and the Universal Charging Port is very welcomed, even though it takes longer to charge than the Supercharging port.

We´d like to know where things go next, Storz and Bickel opted for keeping the original Mighty in production alongside the new Mighty Plus Vaporizer. To us, it seems like a great idea because the Mighty has a much better price than the Mighty+. It also includes some useful extras such as a filling aid, herb mill, concentrate pad, and cleaning brush. But how much will the original Mighty’s price point be lowered? (We will update with a MAP price for the original Mighty as soon as it´s available).

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